Journaling as a Spiritual Practice - by Helen Cepero (Paperback)
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About the Book Cepero looks at how journal writing enhances and supports other disciplines such as discernment, self-understanding, attention to God, prayer, and other areas. Book Synopsis Whether you are a longtime journal keeper or someone who has never kept a journal at all, this book will help you go below the surface of your life with God. It is not about the art of writing, but about how journaling can form us spiritually. Every chapter combines descriptive text, illustrations from journals and the author's own experience with journaling practices integrated along the way to help you bring your own life and world into sharper focus. God wants to surprise you with the beauty of your own life, growing and alive, filled with movement, light and shadow. This is the book to do just that. Review Quotes A fantastic gem that you will need and desire to be part of your journaling library that will never be outdated.--Chery Clay, Midwest Book Review, December 2008 A grace-filled tour guide, inviting readers to join her on a path to encounter God through attentive writing.--Cathy Norman Peterson, The Covenant Companion, December 2008 A strength of the book is Cepero's intentionally focused journaling exercises that can jump-start neophytes who don't know how to journal or revivify the practice of those with considerable experience.--Christian Century, October 7, 2008 Cepero's book eases the reader into the journaling process from the absolute beginning and leads all the way to how to enjoy the fruits of one's journal. Fresh, frank, and unassuming, Cepero's text allows readers to see that like many other forms of prayer, journaling can be for anyone. Journaling as a Spiritual Practice is a welcome introduction to spiritual journaling, bringing a sometimes intimidating form of prayer out of the garret and into the light of everyday.--Monique Keffer, Presence, December 2008 Cepero's real-life anecdotes, spiritual insight and suggestions for journaling are most effective.--EB, Libraries Alive, Spring 2009 Helen Cepero argues that journaling can help us hear God better and experience spiritual transformation.--Steve Rabey, YouthWorker Journal, July/August 2008 Lively, encouraging and pastoral. . . . Cepero shows readers how to . . . [move] past simple recitation of events, to writing that reveals God at work in a life.--Publishers Weekly starred review



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