The Complete Book of Everyday Christianity : An A-to-Z Guide to Following Christ in Every Aspect of Life
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-- 400 articles arranged A-to-Z. -- 114 expert contributors including Kathleen Norris and Alister McGrath. -- Relates Christianity to every aspect of daily life. -- Accessible, educational, thoughtful and practical. -- Fun for browsing, with topical indexes and cross-references for easy access. -- A resource for thinking through everyday decisions. Is there a Christian way to take vacations? Does Christianity affect how we drive to work? What does God think of chocolate? Modern Christians Profess That Jesus is Lord of all our lives. Yet it's not always easy to relate Christianity to our day-to-day concerns. Prayer, Bible study and theology are surely important, but what do they have to do with the clothes we wear, hairstyles, struggles with depression, wedding anniversaries or buying a home? The editors of this engrossing book believe Christian truth is for the routine and not just the crises of our lives. Nearly 400 articles from adoption to automobiles, gardening to gossip, and shopping malls to sidewalks show how the Christian faith guides, illuminates and energizes everyday life. The Complete Book of Everyday Christianity includes indexes arranged by life stages and passages, as well as subject indexes with such categories as "Relationships" and "Home and Family". Unsurpassed both for fascinating browsing and for consultation at moments of special need, this down-to-earth reference work merits a spot on every believer's bookshelf.


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