The Visible and the Revealed - (Perspectives in Continental Philosophy) by Jean-Luc Marion (Paperback)
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"Book Synopsis In The Visible and the Revealed, Jean-Luc Marion brings together his most significant papers dealing with the relationship between philosophy and theology. Covering the ground from some of his earliest writings on this topic to very recent reflections, they are particularly useful for understanding the progression of Marion's thought on such topics as the saturated phenomenon and the possibility of something like ""Christian Philosophy."" The book contains his seminal pieces on the saturated phenomenon and on the gift, although the essays also explore more recent developments of his thought on these topics. Several chapters explicitly explore the boundary line between philosophy and theology or their mutual enrichment and influence. In one of the final pieces, ""The Banality of Saturation,"" Marion considers some of the most recent objections brought against his notion of the saturated phenomenon and responds to them in detail, suggesting that saturated phenomena are neither as rare nor as inflexible as often assumed. The work contains two chapters not previously available in English and brings together several other pieces previously translated but now difficult to find. For readers interested in the relation between the two disciplines, this is indispensable reading. Review Quotes Anyone interested in the state of art in Continental philosophy of religion will find this required reading.-- ""--Choice"" Asks many questions and presents many answers, solidly rmended reading.-- ""--Library Bookwatch"" ""Jean-Luc Marion has be an essential conversation partner for all serious systematic theologians and philosophers of religion. Not to know his work, as presented in the luminous essays of The Visible and the Revealed, is to have missed an important connection in contemporary thought.""-----Kevin Hart, University of Virginia About the Author JEAN-LUC MARION teaches philosophy at the Sorbonne and as John Nuveen Professor at the Divinity School and Department of Philosophy at the University of Chicago. More recently, Marion was elected to the Academie Francaise. His other books for Fordham include The Idol and Distance, Prolegomena to Charity, In Excess: Studies of Saturated Phenomena, On the Ego and On God: Further Cartesian Questions, The Visible and the Revealed, and, as co-author, Phenomenology and the Theological Turn: The French Debate. CHRISTINA M. GSCHWANDTNER teaches philosophy at the University of Scranton. She is the author of Reading Jean-Luc Marion: Exceeding Metaphysics (Indiana, 2008)."



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