The Mind of Pope Francis - by Massimo Borghesi (Hardcover)
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"About the Book ""Originally published as Jorge Mario Bergoglio: Una biografia intellettuale Ã2017 Editoriale Jaca Book SpA, Milano""--Title page verso. Book Synopsis A commonly held impression is that Pope Francis is a compassionate shepherd and determined leader but that he lacks the intellectual depth of his recent predecessors. Massimo Borghesi's The Mind of Pope Francis: Jorge Mario Bergoglio's Intellectual Journey dismantles that image. Borghesi recounts and analyzes, for the first time, Bergoglio's intellectual formation, exploring the philosophical, theological, and spiritual principles that support the profound vision at the heart of this pope's teaching and ministry. Central to that vision is the church as a coincidentia oppositorum, holding together what might seem to be opposing and irreconcilable realities. Among his guiding lights have been the Jesuit saints, Ignatius and Peter Faber; philosophers Gaston Fessard, Romano Guardini, and Alberto Methol Ferrer; and theologians Henri de Lubac and Hans Urs von Balthasar. Recognizing how these various strands have come together to shape the mind and heart of Jorge Mario Bergoglio offers essential insights into who he is and the way he is leading the church. Notably, this groundbreaking book is informed by four interviews provided to the author, via audio recordings, by the pope himself on his own intellectual formation, major portions of which are published here for the first time. Review Quotes ""Borghesi's method of combining the whole sweep of relevant evidence, from the most intimate testimonies of private letters to the most public and general church documents, gives a real sense of the dimensions here, the complexities and the variety of elements which Pope Francis keeps in play."" Ampleforth Journal ""An indispensable study of how Jorge Bergoglio became the strikingly original thinker and believer who has renewed the Church in his ministry as Pope Francis.""Mollie Wilson O'Reilly, Editor at Large, Commonweal ""Nothing so far published on the Pope's intellectual life comes anywhere close to B.'s comprehensive and dazzling inquiry. Theological Studies ""Reading this book, one is left with a deep sense of Pope Francis's intellectual curiosity and aptitude, as well as his originality. Borghesi succeeds in providing a compelling survey of the pope's various intellectual sources, and in suggesting how they contributed to his fundamental understanding of the world and the church."" Commonweal ""Any Catholic thinker, priest, or seminarian who wants to grasp the intricacies of the intellectual formation of Pope Francis has to read this book. Even the best biographies have up to now been unable to recount the true influence of Gaston Fessard, Amelia Podetti, and Alberto Methol Ferré. This book was hard to put down. The interplay of the modern dialectic and classical analogy under the rubric of Jesuit polarity is itself worthy of a small monograph. The record is now corrected. Friends and foes can learn for the first time the multiple and diverse strands of Latin American, Ignatian, and European thought that the inquisitive Bergoglio brought from the Southern Cone of his native hemisphere to the chair of St. Peter.""Peter Casarella, University of Notre Dame ""Borghesi provides readers with the tools to enter `the dialectic of oppositions' in Bergoglio's thought."" The Furrow ""Far from being just a set of ideas and influences, what Professor Borghesi's magnificent study shows is a way of thinking, one that navigates and reconciles this world's polarities and dialectic tensions in a compellingly original way. If ever a mind reflected the Incarnation, it is Jorge Mario Bergoglio's; and no one is better equipped to take us on a tour of that mind than Borghesi in this masterful translation. There is no more important or illuminating book on Pope Francis. We will never see him the same way again.""Austen Ivereigh, Author of The Great Reformer: Francis and the Making of a Radical Pope ""In the ever-growing literature regarding the Pope and his actions, Borghesi's work represents a unique contribution for it explores paths up to now left untraveled. While the breadth of his project is so vast that the reader is left at times wanting for more details and nuanced analyses, this book is an indispensable resource for all those who wish to understand and engage with Francis."" Catholic Books Review ""If Massimo Borghesi's book, The Mind of Pope Francis, had been published earlier in the pontificate it could have helped prevent the surprisingly easy adoption of a superficial narrative depicting the new pope as an intellectual lightweight set on undoing much of what his predecessors had accomplished. An important and unique contribution to the books that have been written about him."" Cindy Wooden, Chief of Rome Bureau, Catholic News Service ""This book is an in-depth study centering on Pope Francis and his intellectual status. This book would be well worth a read for those who seek to "



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