The Apostolic Constitution Preach the Gospel (Praedicate Evangelium) - by Pope Francis (Paperback)
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"Book Synopsis Praedicate Evangelium (Preach the Gospel) is one of the most important legislative acts that Pope Francis has promulgated since his election in 2013. In addition to the full text of this new constitution, this book features world-renowned theologian Massimo Faggioli's explanation of the significance and limitations of this document. Bringing his unique insight as an Italian church historian, Faggioli explains how the constitution tries to apply, in a way that is different from the reforms of both Paul VI in 1967 and John Paul II in 1988, the ecclesiology of Vatican II to the structure and culture of the Roman Curia. It puts into motion many different aspects of the whole pontificate of Francis, including his desire for more diversity in the college of cardinals, decentralization of papal power, the reform of the economic and financial institutions of the Vatican, and the necessary structure to manage the global clergy abuse crisis in the Catholic Church. Review Quotes ""The new legislation on the organization of the Roman Curia, put in place by Pope Francis, is yet another step in its evolution. Massimo Faggioli puts this reform in a historical-theological context and immerses his readership in a breathtaking crash course on the development of this centuries old institution and the problems that are inherent to its functioning."" Kurt Martens, The Catholic University of America ""Professor Faggioli offers a valuable and well-informed historical and theological appraisal of Pope Francis's reform of the Roman Curia and its implications for a new structure of service for a more missionary church. He skillfully situates his assessment of Praedicate Evangelium in the historical and theological reform of the Curia beginning in 1588 with Pope Sixtus through the election of Pope Francis. The author demonstrates how the apostolic constitution reflects Pope Francis's vision of the church and the ecclesiology of Vatican Council II considering a more global church 'walking together' in synodality. Structured on Francis's core values of service to the pope, co-responsibility, and service to the ministry of bishops, local churches, and episcopal conferences, Praedicate Evangelium presents a blueprint for reform that calls for structural change as well as spiritual and cultural conversion."" Sharon Euart, RSM, JCD, Executive Director, Resource Center for Religious Institutes ""Massimo Faggioli presents the historical and theological context for intelligently understanding Pope Francis's reform of the Roman Curia, an institution many popes have tried to reform with limited success."" Thomas J. Reese, SJ About the Author Massimo Faggioli, PhD, is professor in the department of theology and religious studies at Villanova University (Philadelphia). He is a columnist for Commonweal and La Croix International, and his many books and articles have been published in more than ten languages. His most recent books include The Liminal Papacy of Pope Francis: Moving Toward Global Catholicity (Orbis Books, 2020) and Joe Biden and Catholicism in the United States (Bayard, 2021)."



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