How Do You Know What Time It Is? - (Wells of Knowledge Science) by Robert E Wells (Paperback)
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About the Book From shadow stick clocks to today's exact time pieces, this book explores the mystery of time and how we can measure it. Full color. Book Synopsis What would life be like with no clocks and no calendars? How would you know when to get up in the morning? How would you know when baseball season was about to start? Long, long ago, all people could do was watch the sun and moon and try to figure things out. Eventually, they made simple clocks like sundials. And as time marched on, people came up with more ways to measure it. Today, quartz crystal watches and atomic clocks tell us EXACTLY what time it is, at any moment, all over the world. Review Quotes This is a succinct, child-friendly history of how time came to be measured...The characters in the pen-and-acrylic illustrations look a bit like a cross between B.C. and Doonesbury comics; the hand-lettered text creates a movement around the sometimes multiple images on a page, and the combination of art and words results in fun. A terrific teaching tool, enjoyable as a read-aloud or when read independently.--School Library Journal With excitement and solid fact, Wells introduces the concept of time and how we measure it...Wells' chatty informal style will certainly help adults talk about the concepts with children.--Booklist



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