Geology Crafts for Kids : 50 Nifty Projects to Explore the Marvels of Planet Earth by Terry, Diehn, Gwen, Anderson, Alan Krautwurst
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Dig into the marvels of planet Earth with 50 nifty activities for kids. About the spectrum of geologic phenomena -- including plate tectonics, continental drift, minerals, volcano, earth-quakes, rocks, crystals, mountain and valley formation, erosion, fossils, and much more Search for all kinds of treasures right beneath your feet as you learn about different kinds of rocks and minerals. Make sandstone just like canyons in the Southwest; imitate the look of marble with special painting techniques; make a fossil cast that looks a million years old; build with miniature adobe bricks; watch crystals grow; even bake cookies that look like metamorphic rock (but taste great ). Color photos of kids and Mother Nature in action make this activity book both amusing and educational.


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