Principles of Human Physiology by Cindy L., Germann, William J., Niles, Mary Jane, Cannon, Joseph G. Stanfield
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KEY MESSAGE: The carefully revised Third Edition features expanded clinical coverage, new “ Apply Your Knowledge” critical thinking questions, and a new flowchart style that makes it easier than ever for readers to focus on key physiological processes. Features such as Chemistry Review boxes provide additional resources for  readers who need them, while Toolboxes and Discovery boxes provide  the option of delving into more detail about physiology topics. Introduction to Physiology, The Cell: Structure and Function, Cell Metabolism, Cell Membrane Transport,     Chemical Messengers,   The Endocrine System: Endocrine Glands and Hormone Actions, Nerve Cells and Electrical Signaling, Synaptic Transmission and Neural Integration, The Nervous System: Central Nervous System,     The Nervous System: Sensory Systems,     The Nervous System: Autonomic and Motor Systems, Muscle Physiology,     The Cardiovascular System: Cardiac Function, The Cardiovascular System: Blood Vessels, Blood Flow and Blood Pressure, The Cardiovascular System: Blood,     The Respiratory System: Pulmonary Ventilation, The Respiratory System: Gas Exchange and Regulation of Breathing, The Urinary System: Renal Function,     The Urinary System: Fluid and Electrolyte Balance,     The Gastrointestinal System,     Regulation of Energy Metabolism and Growth,     The Reproductive System, The Immune System, The Whole Body: Integrated Physiological Responses to Exercise For all readers interested in human physiology and key physiological processes.


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