The Inquisitive Cook - (Accidental Scientist an Exploratorium Book) by Anne Gardiner & Sue Wilson & The Exploratorium (Paperback)
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Book Synopsis In a light, anecdotal, but highly informative style, seasoned cooking writers reveal the unexpected and always practical science of the kitchen. Covered are such subjects as the amazing alchemy of granules and powders, the astonishing egg, the effects on food of different cooking methods, the biology and psychology of flavor, the remarkable chemistry of doughs, spices, and much, much more. Amusing anecdotes, sidebars and illustrations en-liven the text. Throughout, there are cook's queries, quick tips, and even recipes that will delight anyone interested in bing a more knowledgable cook. About the Author Anne Gardiner and Sue Wilson (Vancouver, B.C.) together write The Inquisitive Cook, a weekly column dedicated to explaining the science of the kitchen, for the Montreal Gazette, and sydnicated to newspapers throughout Canada.



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