English-Lao Lao-English Dictionary - by Russell Marcus (Paperback)
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About the Book This book, a standard reference for Lao and English speakers, reviews conversation, grammar, and reading and writing. Book Synopsis This is a concise, pocket-sized English to Lao and Lao to English Dictionary Prior to the compilation of the original edition of this dictionary in 1966, the most comprehensive English to Lao dictionary was the LAA (Lao-American Association) Dictionary. At that time, no dictionary was available for the Lao language. Now, a great deal of time has passed since the first Tuttle edition of the English-Lao, Lao-English Dictionary was published in 1970. During that time, the dictionary has be the basic communication tool between Lao people and English speakers all over the world. It is a handy volume with many user aids such as romanized equivalents of Lao script, tone numbers indicating the tone of each syllable, vocabulary selected on the basis of frequency of use, and guidance on how to look up words both in the Lao and English alphabetized lists for those encountering either language for the first time. This language tool, having been completely revised, is all the more essential for those wishing to translate or learn Lao. From the Back Cover Here at last is a complete introduction to the Lao language, tested in the class room and with individuals, which presents essential vocabulary and grammar built around everyday situations.



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