Films of John Carpenter (Revised) - by John K Muir (Paperback)
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"Book Synopsis The films of John Carpenter cover a tremendous range and yet all bear his clear personal stamp. From the horrifying (Halloween) to the touching (Starman) to the controversial (The Thing) to the comic (Big Trouble in little China), his films reflect a unique approach to filmmaking and singular views of humanity and American culture. This analysis of Carpenter's films includes a historical overview of his career, and in-depth entries on each of his films, from 1975's Dark Star to 1998's Vampires. Complete cast and production information is provided for each. The book also covers those films written and produced by Carpenter, such as Halloween II and Black Moon Rising, as well as Carpenter's work for television. Appendices are included on films Carpenter was offered but turned down, the slasher films that followed in the wake of the highly-successful Halloween, the actors and characters who make repeated appearances in Carpenter's films, and ratings for Carpenter's work. Notes, bibliography, and index are included. Review Quotes ""rmended""--Choice; ""informative and entertaining""--ARBA; ""I found this book an enjoyable experience""--SFCrowsnest; ""cogent and insightful...contain[s] excellent resources""--SFRA Review; ""thorough...enjoyable""--Crimson Celluloid; ""tells you the story behind the story...will have you heading for the Horror and Sci-Fi sect ion at your local video store""--Cult Movies; ""extensive credit lists""--Video Watchdog; ""impressive""--Fandom; ""complete credits, a very lengthy synopsis, and an equally lengthy commentary""--Classic Images; ""excellent...get this most enjoyable book""--Hitch; ""a detailed history...will delight Carpenter fans seeking hidden meanings in his multi-layered works""--The Intelligencer Record; ""a very interesting read""--Little Shoppe of Horrors. About the Author John Kenneth Muir is an American literary critic and award-winning author. As of 2022, he has written 30 reference books in the fields of film and television, with a particular focus on the horror and science fiction genres."



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