Myths and Mysteries of the Civil War: True Stories of the Unsolved and Unexplained Michael R. Bradley Author
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• Was Ulysses S. Grant really a “perpetual drunk”? Some said he never met a bottle he didn’t like. But did his headache medication also cause intoxication-like behavior? And did much of the talk originate with those jealous of Grant? • Was Stonewall Jackson just a “sucker”? Thomas Jonathan Jackson became known not only as a brilliant strategist but also as an eccentric who obsessively sucked lemons. Was it a love of fresh fruit? Or his favorite method of dealing with heartburn? • What happened to the lost Confederate gold? Ever since the evacuation of Richmond on April 2, 1865, rumors abounded that the Confederate treasury had been loaded aboard a train and sent on its way into hiding. Can we “follow the money”? In at least one case the answer is “yes.” From the legend of the Yankee “human shield” behind Nathan Bedford Forrest’s saddle to the unexplained sinking of the Hunley, Myths and Mysteries of the Civil War makes history fun and pulls back the curtain on some of the most fascinating and compelling stories of the war that almost tore America apart


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