Listening to Your Hormones : From PMS to Menopause Every Woman's Complete Guide by Gillian Ford
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For some women, natural hormonal fluctuations create little stress or discomfort, while for many others hormonal changes can cause severe, chronic suffering. The simple truth is that nearly all women will experience a hormone-related illness at some point in their lives. In this practical, solution-filled resource, women's health educator Gillian Ford empowers women by giving them the facts.Listening to Your Hormonesillustrates the pervasive role hormones play in women's lives and reveals how to form a successful partnership with a doctor to find treatments that work. "Women are wonderfully unique beings, and, finally, Gillian Ford has addressed our special hormonal concerns and needs. For the millions of women who experience emotional and physical changes from PMS through menopause, this book is a gold mine of information." Debra Waterhouse, M.P.H., R.D., author ofOutsmarting the Female Fat CellandWhy Women Need Chocolate. "Give[s] women an opportunity to take positive control of their own health . . .A crucially important book." Janine O-Leary Cobb, author ofUnderstanding Menopause About the Author Gillian Ford is the health education coordinator for HER Place, Center for Women's Health, All Saints Health System, Fort Worth, Texas. Also available in Paperback.


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