The American Gentleman: A Contemporary Guide to Chivalry Michael James Hall Author
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It has been said that the character of a man is like a tree and his actions, good or bad, determine the fruit. The American Gentleman strives to make life more fulfilling and is written to inspire men to adopt a personal philosophy for growth and maturity. Through observation, integrity, spiritual philanthropy, altruism and knowing reality is perception - a state of character can be formed for self-improvement, but more than anything else, we learn how to consciously become more considerate of others. You will not find a thousand-and-one rules of etiquette or a guide to hedonism in this book. Instead, you will find a gentleman's manifesto based on the life experiences and considerations of a cultured and professional American man seeking social civility and greater personal character. Not dogmatic, The American Gentleman is written with certain questions in mind: How may chivalry be applied today? When does it become chauvinism? Are these present customs or behaviors that may be improved? How can men and women behave more harmoniously? In other words, is there civilized human behavior that can be identified, explained and formulated into a recognized standard and then applied to our contemporary lives? As storm clouds gather on the horizon of 21st century American society, many men and women are seeking a greater meaning of life. Most troubling is the polarizing of American culture as divisive trends in gender relations, political ideology, technology and family dynamics are impacting the way Americans live. It is time for change. Simply put, The American Gentleman offers a path for men to achieve their personal goals while assisting others along the way. I admire your consideration of the gentleman's manifesto. - C. Everett Koop, MD


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