Epitaph: A Novel James Siegel Author
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A talented writer makes his debut with this evocative crime novel about a retired investigator who unearths an unrepentant SS doctor still practicing in Queens.Retired detective William Riskin is more or less waiting to die, until he comes across the obituary of his ex-partner, Jean Goldblum. A one-time war hero and concentration camp survivor, Goldblum had become a morally corrupt detective with a ruthless instinct for spotting guilt. But Goldblum had just started working on the most important case of his life, and out of loyalty to his memory, Riskin decides to finish it. Following a dangerous string of clues, Riskin finds himself in hot pursuit of a little-known World War II criminal named Dr. Petoit, who, after promising sanctuary to hundreds of fleeing Jews in occupied France, led them to death in his own home. As Riskin uncovers Goldblum’s own guilty part in these crimes, he himself comes face to face with the ultimate evil.


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