Beat Depression and Reclaim Your Life Alexandra Massey Author
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Millions of people suffer from depression in silence, afraid to admit to their family, close friends or GP that they feel beaten and cannot find a way out.Alexandra Massey has been through the hell of depression and come through the side. Her bestselling book offers a practical, jargon-free and realistic lifeline to help sufferers overcome the worst aspects of the condition without the use of medication.Beat Depression offers hope and empowerment with:* 5 suggestions of what you can do when you are too depressed to move* 5 suggestions for when your head is just above the water* A 14-day workplan that offers a step-by-step recovery you take at your own pacePlus * ridding yourself of negativity and aiding recovery* advice on dealing with your children when you are depressed* dealing with feelings of deep-seated anger and grief* confronting depression head-on without medicationNow with a chapter by Majorie Wallace, Chief Executive of Sane, the UK's leading mental health charity, on the wider issues of depression in society and Sane's counselling and support services, Massey's sensitive yet workable solutions could be beneficial to anyone living with depression.


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