Keep It Simple by Terry Bradshaw


Fans raved about the no-nonsense honesty and hilarious humor of Terry Bradshaw's "New York Times" bestselling memoir, "It's Only a Game." Now, in "Keep It Simple," the four-time Super Bowl winner, Football Hall of Famer, two-time Emmy-winning Fox NFL Sunday co-host, and popular inspirational speaker shares his thoughts on how to tackle life's most complicated problems. You may not know it from Terry's many accomplishments -- his television commercials; his awards for sportsmanship, broadcasting, and public speaking; or his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame -- but behind the warm smile and easy, down-home demeanor is a man who has lived and learned not just through his triumphs but mostly through his struggles. Whether he's talking about recognizing and treating his attention deficit disorder, coping with his three failed marriages, accepting his fate as the benchwarmer everyone loved to hate during his early years with the Pittsburgh Steelers, or forgiving himself for spending $ 7,000 on those two ostrich eggs in a get-rich-quick scheme, in "Keep It Simple" Terry does it with the humor and honesty that has made him one of the most beloved personalities in sports history. In chapters covering topics such as financial matters, surviving love, the value of teamwork, and overcoming adversity, Terry makes no attempt to become the next self-help guru. He offers the simple lessons he's learned through his faith, his family, and his friends. "We are all searching for the same thing: a hand to hold and heart to understand," he says. "Keep it simple. Smile a lot. Be nice to other people....Life is a joy."


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