Office 101: An Illustrated Guide Geoffrey Day-Lewis Author
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If at first you don't succeed . . . destroy all evidence that you tried. -Office 101 A hip, photographically illustrated guide for cubicle slaves everywhere in any business setting, including the millions of office-bound college and high-school graduates.More Office 101Following the success of Life 101, Geoffrey Day-Lewis provides today's cubicle dwellers with tips for workplace survival in this professional primer-a complementary mix of thoughtful office insights and edgy, full-color photographs. Ninety-six percent of the population is currently employed. Eighteen percent of the workforce logs in from home. That leaves seventy-eight percent of laborers who collaborate in office-based settings. To avoid the perils of un-professionalism and ensure you're not Dunder Mifflin-bound, Day-Lewis offers employable pointers for office workers everywhere:* Many hands make light work.* Make technology your friend.* Always give 100 percent of yourself. Monday-2 percent, Tuesday-13 percent, Wednesday-29 percent, Thursday-21 precent, Friday-35 percent.


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