Sweetest Heart : A Book about Love by Mary, Bilsky, Terry Lee Engelbreit
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Sweetest Heart is artist Mary Engelbreit's beautiful homage to love, a collection of her charming artwork on this timeless subject. Mary divides this superb book into three specially theme d sections. The first section, entitled "Sweetie Pie," features artwork that reflects the innocence and magic of children discovering and expressing love to one another. The second segment, "Valentine, Be Mine," is a showcase of Mary's gorgeous Valentine's Day artwork, which is a particular favorite with her devoted fans. The final section, called "Still Falling in Love," captures the tender nature of mature love and commitment. It contains images that celebrate the loyalty and adoration visible in couples whose affections have withstood the tests of time. With page after page of Mary's stunning signature illustrations, Sweetest Heart is certain to entrance book enthusiasts and romantics everywhere. It's simply a wonderfully warm tribute to the dearest of human emotions.


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