Nordie's at Noon : The Personal Stories of Four Women Too Young for Breast Cancer by Patti, Peters, Jana, Johnson, Jennifer, Carlos, Kim Balwanz
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Like any group of young women, Patti, Kim, Jennifer, and Jana talked about their latest career moves, the men in their lives, and their dreams for family each month when they met for lunch at the cafe at their local Nordstrom department store. But unlike other women their age, their conversations also turned to more serious issues, issues their "non-breast cancer" friends couldn't have imagined or understood.Their breast cancer diagnoses came at very different phases of their young lives. Patti was 24, single, and forging her way in the corporate world. Jana was planning her wedding at age 27, and bravely walked down the aisle wearing a wig and breast prosthesis. Jennifer, also 27, was five months pregnant when she was diagnosed, and endured surgery and chemotherapy during the pregnancy. Kim found her lump at age 30 while planning her son's second birthday party, and faced the issues of raising a toddler while she underwent treatment."Nordie's at Noon" shares the personal stories of each of these extraordinary women. A source of humor, strength, inspiration, and education, the book will speak to anyone who has ever been diagnosed with cancer or faced a seemingly insurmountable challenge. A celebration of friendship and of living life to the fullest, "Nordie's at Noon" is also a book that will encourage women everywhere to be proactive with their health-and realize that no one is "too young" for breast cancer.


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