God Answers Moms' Prayers : Inspiring True Stories of Faith and Hope by Allison, Hutchings, Cheryll Bottke
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Few emotions run as deep as a mother's love for her children. This collection of brief, touching narratives inspires women to combine their love with faith and hope, praying with confidence and thankfulness. The settings include... "Mom, I'm pregnant'...the words no parent wants to hear from her unmarried teen "Tying My Son's Shoes.,."a mom thinks back on her grown son's life "An Urge to Pray.,."when God prompts a mom to intercede "right now" "Shattered Dreams.,."when a child is born handicapped "Gideon's Bride.,."a mom prays for her son's future wife Readers will be reminded that whether moms offer prayers of praise and thanksgiving or desperate cries for help during trial and tribulation, God often answers in profound and poignant ways.


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