Improving Web Application Security : Threats and Countermeasures by f, Microsoft Official Academic Course Staff Microsoft Corporation Staff


Gain a solid foundation for designing, building, and configuring security-enhanced, hack-resistant Microsoft(R) ASP.NET Web applications. This expert guide describes a systematic, task-based approach to security that can be applied to both new and existing applications. It addresses security considerations at the network, host, and application layers for each physical tier--Web server, remote application server, and database server--detailing the security configurations and countermeasures that can help mitigate risks. The information is organized into sections that correspond to both the product life cycle and the roles involved, making it easy for architects, designers, and developers to find the answers they need. All PATTERNS & PRACTICES guides are reviewed and approved by Microsoft engineering teams, consultants, partners, and customers--delivering accurate, real-world information that's been technically validated and tested.


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