Basic Bankruptcy Law for Paralegals by Buchbinder
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Renewing a commitment to preparing students to become effective paralegals inall aspects of Bankruptcy, the Seventh Editio n of this popular textoffers important developments in recent bankruptcy law, expanded coverage ofmeans testing, and enhanced pedagogy. In an illuminating overview of theBankruptcy Code and Rules, respected author David L. Buchbinder providesstep-by-step guidance through the paralegal's role at every stage of theBankruptcy proceeding.A hit with instructors and students, Basic Bankruptcy Law for Paralegalsfeatures :focused coverage of Bankruptcy that hones in on what students need toknow to become effective paralegals in all aspects of Bankruptcy:consumer representationcreditor representationassisting with the handling of a Chapter 11 casea clear overview of the Bankruptcy Code and Rulesstep-by-step guidance through the paralegal's role at every stageof a Bankruptcy proceedinga practical orientation to completing bankruptcy documentation and the timelimits on those documentsthorough pedagogy that includes:exampleschecklists of proceduressummaries of the lawdiscussion questionspractice exercisesForms Manual on an accompanying CD-ROMdetailed Instructor's Manual with Test BankUpdated to reflect developing case law interpreting the Bankruptcy AbusePrevention and Consumer Protection Act (BAPCPA) and other changes inBankruptcy Law, the Seventh Edition also provides :two new chapters devoted entirely to means testing: one chapter presents asubstantive discussion of means testing and the second chapter gives a tutorialPractice Pointers, a new teaching device, are integrated throughout thetextPractice Exercises are now included throughout the bookTimely and up-to-date, the Seventh Edition of Basic Bankruptcy Lawfor Paralegals comes with a complete teaching package that will complementthe pedagogy, coverage, and clarity of this highly effective text.


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