Birds of CITES: And How to Identify Them Johannes Erritzoe Author
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This beautiful book describes and illustrates birds throughout the world which are threatened with depletion in numbers, or even with extinction. In doing so it not only provides the first comprehensive coloured guide to such species, as a reference for all those who are concerned about the diminishing variety of animals in the world, but it also acts as a handbook for officials who are charged with controlling the trade in such creatures under the aegis of CITES. CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, was founded in 1973 and signed by 21 states. There are now more than 120 member states. The Convention list all threatened endangered species and regulates their import and export. The enforcement of the rules has been hampered by the lack of an accurate colour guide and this is the first book to provide a means to positively identify the species at risk. It includes: beautiful and detailed watercolour illustrations; concise descriptions of each species; 406species described and illustrated in colour; Quick Guide to Bird Families of the World; glossary of technical terms translated into French, German and Spanish; world map with key to identify countries/regions of distribution; CITES appendices describing the protected status allocated to species; Index of Latin names; an indispensable reference for all controlling authorities, such as bird conservationists, customs officers, taxidermists, aviculturalists and scientific advisers. The life and artistry of the illustrations will bring pleasure to many bird lovers the world over, too. It is a book which will be treasured for years to come for its usefulness and for its beauty. Includes a Foreword by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. This book was sponsored by AAGE V. JENSEN Charity Foundation, Denmark.


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