I'd Rather Be Short: 100 Reasons Why It's Great to Be Small Becky Murphy Author
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5'1 is the new 6'2, and Becky's book proves it.—Kristen Bell Leggy supermodels and pro basketball players be warned: being tall doesn’t mean you’re always a step up in life.   Graphic designer Becky Murphy is five-foot-nothing and proud to be petite. Sure, sometimes being diminutive gets you the short end of the stick, but there are also plenty of unique advantages to being under 5’4”—and Murphy has compiled the 100 best reasons in the delightfully whimsical I’d Rather Be Short. Illustrated in a charming, quirky style, I’d Rather Be Short highlights the benefits of being petite, from the sensible to the absurd, including:   ·        You get the best of both worlds: kids’ meals and cocktail parties ·        You’re never expected to help your friends move ·        Concertgoers usually won’t hassle you when you shimmy up to the front ·        You’re less likely to get struck by lightning ·        Skirts can be dresses; dresses can be skirts ·        You’re just the way you should be   Witty and heartwarming, I’d Rather Be Short is a celebration of self-acceptance—and an instant ego boost to pint-sized ladies everywhere.


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