Woman First Family Always : Real-Life Wisdom from a Mother of Ten by Kathryn Sansone
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Happily married and the mother of 10, Kathryn Sansone is beautiful, fit, organized, and centeredafind out how she really does it in this life-changing book full of inspiration, encouragement, and practical wisdom. A must-have for mothers, this book is filled with friendly, trustworthy, humorous and heartwarming advice about the importance of taking care of themselvesafirst and foremostain order to sustain the ongoing giving to their families. This is Sansoneas unique aWoman Firsta philosophy. Sansone provides the real-life wisdom, insight, and confidence a woman needs to battle the inevitable stresses of daily life. Such advice includes setting aside time to get personally grounded and refreshed, writing alove lettersa to her children, dealing effectively with school administrators, making sure her husband knows how important he is to the kids, and vice versa. As a mother of 10, Sansone inspires and motivates women to honor their own needs, overcome obstacles, and experience a more fulfilling, balanced life. A holistic approach to strengthening the mind, body, and spirit that includes tips in achieving emotional balance, nurturing the spirit, creating a fulfilling marriage, taking care of the body, and raising well-adjusted children. Sansone speaks to women in a sensible tone with the right balance of warmth, understanding, and humor for todayas harried mother. Self, Marriage, Family, and Children sections offer quick-read achatsa combined with practical tips and examples from Kathrynas own busy life.


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