37 Lies and Counting of President Donald J. Trump: We the Trumps William George Houraney Jr. Author
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Never before in American history has there been such a revealing book about a United States president, because never before has there been any one person who went through the combination of unique experiences, situations, and close contact that author William George Houraney had with Donald Trump. At no other time has anyone ever been exposed to the unbelievable occurrences that George Houraney and his wife of eighteen years experienced that were so shocking it caught them completely off guard. Additionally, never before has there been any one person who could have written such a book about his experiences with a future U.S. president. At the time, George did not realize that many would question what he wrote, since it would be his word against that of a billionaire president. However, this all changed once Trump became president and his actions would come to corroborate what is recorded here. Although many others have written about Donald J. Trump, no one ever experienced firsthand what William George Houraney did. From sexual advances toward his wife, to broken promises made to delegates from over thirty countries, to terrible business decisions, to lying while under oath in federal court, George Houraney was able to expose the truth about a man who lives only for himself-and was able to deceive the American public like no other politician in this country's history. The accuracy of what is written here took hundreds of hours verify. George Houraney has taken every effort to ensure that his fellow Americans have the facts that affect them and their families . . . facts that prove Donald J. Trump lied repeatedly to the American people. Like he does with anything that does not paint him in a good light, Donald Trump will do all he can to discredit this book and what is written herein. Although he may try to bend the truth, he cannot change it-for everything written in this book is undeniably the truth.


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