50 Billion Reasons to Grow Your Practice: A Guide to Success & Enjoyment for Investment Advisors Robert A. DiMeo Author
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50 Billion Reasons to Grow Your Practice is the first book of its kind-not only helping investment advisors with their professional success but also supporting them in their personal lives. A proper work/life balance is absolutely essential when growing a stable, sustainable investment practice.Author Robert A. DiMeo understands that better than anyone. Imparting words of wisdom and new techniques to help achieve this balance, he focuses on six facets of business: leadership, practice management, hiring and managing, marketing, investments, and life balance.Based on lessons he learned himself after thirty years in investment advising, DiMeo shows readers how to build a strong foundation for leadership, create a forward-thinking firm, identify and hire quality employees, focus on effective marketing, and make sound investments. Case studies, anecdotes, and even comics keep 50 Billion Reasons to Grow Your Practice fun and engaging.Each chapter ends with a short passage that helps readers absorb the advice and apply it to their own lives and businesses, and action items included at key points impel readers further forward in their journey.Capped off with simple but essential life-balance tactics, this book will allow readers to relieve stress and gain perspective-and achieve ultimate success.


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