The United States of Trump: The Independent Guide to the Donald Trump Phenomenon and the General Election Bernhard Klee Author
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Never before has America's presidential race so captivated the world's attention. Across the globe, media coverage of Donald Trump, his antics, his opinions-and his victories-are making headlines. But how did he get this far? Why does he continue to win support? More importantly, could he actually win? What would the fate of America be with The Donald at the helm? In The United States of Trump, author Bernhard Klee draws on his political insights and combines them with his business and marketing expertise to examine this ongoing phenomenon. Explaining the what and the why, Klee shows how it all makes perfect sense, demonstrating the effectiveness of Trump's marketing strategy and the ways it satisfies Americans' insatiable appetite for his kind of sensationalism. Is Trump's approach-running government like a business-exactly what the nation needs? Maybe. As scandalous as the media has portrayed it, his campaign may actually be the most genuine, reflecting what the American people want and need. Klee compares the opposition to Trump to that which followed Ronald Reagan in 1980. If naysayers were wrong before, might they be again?


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