CRUMB: The Secret of the Riddle: The Secret of the Riddle Carol Worthey Author
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A rollicking good story and an epic allegory about the little man caught in the greedy machinery of today's world, hungry to make a difference. This far-flung fantasy adventure tale for the Child Within Us All unites a resourceful eight-year-old girl Zoe with mischievous Crumb (an orphan breadball raised by wise Breadbox and taught to read), Nefertiti the cat, Whisk the Dog Whiskerer, and a brilliant Bee in a quest to solve a Riddle that might help to save our endangered pollinators! Two dysfunctional families bond and a grotesque villain is revealed as the Riddle begins to make sense bit by bit, driven by a purpose greater than any of these characters could guess at the start. Fusing mystery, childhood wonder, passionate concern for our environment and sheer poetry, CRUMB The Secret of The Riddle promises to keep you turning pages.


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