Stumped: How Trump Triumphed: The Open Secrets of Donald Trump's Gravity-Defying Political Domination and How You Can Use Them J.M. Carpenter Author
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Stumped isn't just about how Trump triumphed over the experts and the naysayers, it's a detailed breakdown of his unprecedented persuasion system. Through the Donald Trump case study, you'll learn and apply the skills you need to demand respect, significantly improve your self-confidence and relationships, build your business, and increase your social status. Each chapter is an overview of one aspect of Donald Trump's power and persuasion system. You'll see how he does it and why it works. At the end of each chapter are takeaways showing how to apply those specific techniques. For instance, chapter 2 will show you how Donald Trump plans for success and not failure, and how all of his outrageous antics are a part of that plan. Chapter 4 details the behaviors that enhance Trump's charismatic force of personality and how you can apply them. The later chapters tell the importance of knowing your market, as seen by how Donald Trump timed his campaign perfectly according to the current political climate, which essentially allowed him to win before he even started. Being persuasive, charismatic, and influential is a skill. The best way to learn a new skill is through a case study. Donald Trump is the most vivid and compelling case study of our time. Learn from that case study in the most complete and comprehensive way by reading Stumped today.


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