Wordsmith Workshop: A common sense approach to writing and publishing a novel Greg Past Author
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You've decided to write a novel. You're excited. You've told your family and friends. Now you're staring at a blank page waiting for inspiration, wondering how to begin. It is difficult to get started because we have unrealistic expectations. We expect to write a complete manuscript effortlessly. It is easy to become discouraged and quit. Writing a novel is comparable to taking a road trip in your car. Your destination may be several days away. You plan each day of your journey. You take the trip one day at a time, until you finally reach your destination. Your writing destination is reached in a similar manner. It is a process that requires hard work and determination. It is accomplished over time. Slowly, day by day you write your novel. This book will give you a realistic idea of the necessary steps and daily activity needed to reach your destination, a published novel. Good luck in your journey to write and publish a novel.


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