Deposit of Faith: How Can We Meet God Today? Hubert Michael Sanders Jr. M.A. Author
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In its two-thousand-year history, the Catholic Church remains an unchanging yet developing entity. Since the church's infancy, Catholic theologians have referenced the deposit of faith, which in early years referred to the written or orally revealed doctrines that formed the backbone of church teaching. Through the centuries, the definition came to be understood as the word of God, delivered through Jesus Christ and passed on to his apostles. Still, the deposit included both oral and written traditions and provided moral direction. The Second Vatican Council brought about many changes in the church, and once again, bishops and theologians addressed the deposit of faith. This invaluable concept came to be seen, not as mere dogma, but the expression of faith embodied in the words and deeds of Christ. The deposit is relevant to all elements of Catholic life: prayer, sacraments, and moral living. While the deposit has always addressed divine revelation, the post-Vatican II definition directs the faithful to think holistically. Hubert M. Sanders Jr.'s Deposit of Faith is intricate Catholic theology for the lay reader. It encourages Catholics to reach beyond dogma and written instructions to embrace the fullness of the Christian experience in all aspects of life.


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