Across the Crooked Bridge: A Narrative on life in the Silver Valley, Idaho during the 1950's through the 1970's Eloise Kraemer Author
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In the book, Eloise, or Elle, leads us through a number of thoughtful, intriguing and sometimes humorous experiences of her youth. The following excerpts were taken from the book: It crouched, in wait with loose rocks to fall, and timbers which might loosen and drop on any unwary man or animal that might venture inside. Anything was possible. We looked forward to the conversation on the bus. It smelled a little less of foul odors, our shoes slid deftly over the bubble gum and orange peels, and our eyes looked far beyond the spit balled windows. Lilly pads float in the backwater marshes. Songbirds trill in the evening breeze. The sun sets to ducks nesting, and frogs boasting under an awesomely brilliant canvas of color and light painted by nature. The old cedar stumps' wish has been fulfilled. The tales weave a somewhat crooked path from her family home, with childhood memories beginning in the early 1950s. They lead us across the crooked bridge, of her youth. The tales continue into her teen years throughout the valley, stretching to Sandpoint and Lake Pend Oreille, marching forward, into the natural beauty and fortunes of nature in the present day Silver Valley of northern Idaho.


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