D.E.B.T. The Relationship Edition: How to stop letting money get in the way of love Joseph A Lorick Author
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Is your relationship lacking financial compatibility? If it is, don't worry, you are not alone. Most couples argue about money, but not all are able to overcome these disputes. D.E.B.T. The Relationship Edition offers a way to not only resolve these issues, it teaches readers how to avoid them all together. For singles, this book is a guide to choosing more compatible partners and building long-lasting relationships. Lorick's methods of finding financial habit indicators and his must ask questions for determining financial compatibility are essential dating tools. For readers who are already married, Lorick offers a simple but effective blueprint to building a financially unified household. He focuses on individual accountability, communication skills, and effective compromise to help couples overcome stubborn disagreements about money. Lorick also provides some useful wealth building tools for couples who aren't experiencing many financial disputes.Did Everything But Think: D.E.B.T. only touched on relationship issues, but this edition is a complete guide to achieving lifestyle goals as a couple. After reading this book, all readers will possess the tools needed to find financially compatible partners, and build a fiscally harmonious household.


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