Unlocking the Online Classroom: A Beginner's Guide to Success in Online College Classes Clint Hayes Author
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Research suggests that a majority of students taking online college classes fail to succeed in those classes. While there is no simple formula for success, there are ways to improve your odds. Whether currently enrolled or only thinking about taking online college classes, you need the information provided in this book. An understanding of how best to prepare to be an online student, including understanding the realities behind the most common misconceptions about online learning is the key to unlocking the online classroom. All prospective online students need to understand very specific things before selecting an institution for their online education. Consider the following: * Are you prepared to become an online student? There are distinct differences between online and face-to-face college class expectations. Do you know what they are? We will discuss the importance of understanding, accepting and meeting online class expectations and how failure to do so will affect your grades. * Why is accreditation important and what does it mean for you? You will not only learn why it is important but how to determine whether an institution's accreditation is valid and meets your needs. * Common misconceptions associated with online learning can create problems for new online students. We will explore and discuss the ten most common myths about online learning and teach you to use them to your advantage. * What are the most typical communication problems faced by online students? You will learn how to recognize and resolve them before they happen. * Do you know the most common negative behaviors that lead to bad grades? Learn what they are and how to avoid them like the plague. * Learn to improve motivation, focus, time management, and study habits. * Learn the best way to approach an online instructor's boss if problems arise.


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