FLU and COLD - How to Prevent it or Get Rid of it Fast!: Use nature's pharmacy to boost your immune system and stay well all year round Carol Perkins
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In this book, Dr. Carol Perkins shares her knowledge and experience as a Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.) to inform, educate and inspire people to become active participants in their journey for optimal health and vitality! She believes that 'Nature is your best pharmacy.' This includes nutritious foods, herbal remedies, homeopathy and just good common sense. In this book, you will find concise, yet clear and useful advise on how to stop flu and cold from ruining your precious time. It will also answer the most common questions people have: * How can I prevent an infection? * If an infection hits, how can I lessen the intensity and severity? * Do I need to get the flu vaccine? Is it safe? * Is the Ebola virus something I should worry about or is it just media hype? In addition to providing strategies for disease prevention, Dr. Perkins gives her First-Line-of-Defense recommendations for the acute onset of flu and cold symptoms. Most infections resolve with no further intervention. Unfortunately, not everyone has a healthy immune system. In these cases, her Second-Line-of-Defense recommendations may need to be implemented long-term.


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