Injured In An Accident?: Ten of America's leading personal injury attorneys share their wisdom. Richard E. Spalding Author
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Injured In An Accident? - An injury can turn your life upside down in a matter of seconds. A truck driver falls asleep at the wheel. A defective tire blows out while you're driving on the highway. Suddenly, your life is about hospitals, medical bills, and coping with pain, disability and loss. If you're hurting, out of work and the medical bills are mounting, a quick settlement may be tempting, but how do you know if the settlement is fair and reasonable? When we decided to publish this book on personal injury, we set out to identify the legal leaders on that subject and get their insights on the major issues relating to personal injury accidents. It is not just one lawyer's insights on personal injury accidents, but ten of the top personal injury attorneys in the United States, from different regions of the country, sharing with you the fruit of their years of experience. You will discover that the claim process is fraught with hidden landmines. You will learn what many of the landmines are and how to avoid them. The information contained in this book could mean the difference between getting $5,000 versus $100,000 for your injuries.


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