More Than Meets the Eye: The Last Years of Lee Harvey Oswald Joel Thomas Gollar Author
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The literature published over the years regarding the JFK assassination has ranged from the probable to the possible to the totally implausible. I feel fairly comfortable in this assessment since I have read and collected over 170 books on the topic. I have also reviewed Warren Commission documents, HSCA documents, Dallas police files, CIA and FBI files, and the long withheld but recently released NARA files.I decided my approach to a book on the assassination would differ somewhat from previous offerings. It would be my goal to construct a detailed timeline of Oswald's later years. In doing so I noticed that there was one continuous thread: he had very few friends or acquaintances outside his immediate family. What was striking however was that these associates were very influential regarding his behavior, far above his socio-economic status, and with inordinate ties to the intelligence community.What was their interest in Oswald? Was he being groomed for a particular assignment? Was he, as he later claimed a patsy? I would offer that he was not just a patsy, but with his ties to the U.S. intelligence apparatus a perfect patsy.This book will not focus on naming assassins or reveal those individuals responsible for the logistics, planning, and execution of the President's removal from office that weekend in Dallas. It will however cast serious doubt as to the likelihood of Lee Harvey Oswald having been in any way responsible for the tragic event. You decide.


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