What's On Your Mind?: How To Defend Your Faith and Stay Friends Jeff Greer Author
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 Do you truly understand your Christian faith?  What if someone were to confront your Christian values head on?  Would you know how to respond?  Let alone do it in a loving way?It is hard when our Christian beliefs are challenged.  But, it makes us think about who we and what we believe. In the pages of What’s On Your Mind?, you will get to know Jeff Greer and his friend Emily.  Jeff has been a Pastor for over thirty years.  One day, while browsing on Facebook, he discovered he had a friend request from Emily.  He hadn’t seen or heard from Emily since he was a teenager.  He accepted the invitation and a friendship was rekindled.  As the two friends conversed about their families and mutual friends, they discovered that their lives went down two different converging cross roads. Jeff walked the road toward Jesus Christ and Emily had taken a road that led her to no specific religion or faith. Hmm, the conversation just took a turn.  In the following pages, you get to join that conversation as these two friends explore life’s hardest questions…from different perspectives.  The debates that unfold between Emily and Jeff are real, challenging, and full of insight:  Why does God allow suffering? Who determines right from Wrong?  Can one prove the existence of God?   Is it possible to deeply disagree and still stay friends?  And, many more. So, join the discussion today and explore your faith journey — through the crossroads and onto the straight path that leads to the arms of God. 


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