Retention Point : The Single Biggest Secret to Membership and Subscription Growth for Associations, SAAS, Publishers, Digital Access, Subscription
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You know those members who love what you deliver? They can¿t get enough, they tell everyone they know about you and they buy everything you offer. These are the ¿Lifers.¿ Then, there are the ¿Quitters.¿ The Quitters stop opening your email, don¿t use what you provide, then they quit, (sometimes asking for a refund.) This book reveals how to create more Lifers and repel the Quitters before they cost you time and money on wasted fulfillment. Your Retention Point is the moment your brand-new member becomes a Lifer, is emotionally invested in what you deliver, uses your product and talks about it to her friends. This book reveals how to get more members to the Retention Point. Right now it is happening by accident. By implementing the systems I reveal within this book you can generate five or ten times the number of members reaching the Retention Point and becoming Lifers as you do today. This book includes five case studies showing the Retention Point in action. Plus, Mr. Skrob¿s reveals his entire 9-Step Member On Ramp to make it easy to implement and get more of your members to the Retention Point.


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