The Grand Coward Craig E Hays Author
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Kravin had always feared that a situation would come up that would force his hand. Now the time had finally come for him to show his face in the world once again. Yet how could he do this when his very existence put those around him in danger? How could he go back to the place he had left so long ago? How could he look into the eyes of those he held dear knowing the shame that he carried? Not only had he tried to protect them by leaving, but he never told those most important to him that he was leaving or where he was going. Kravin must face his own fears and deal with the things he had been avoiding for so long. How will he handle it and what will happen when he does? This is the first book of the Garden of Lost Souls. It will give you questions and perhaps entertain you. Remember the story is not over yet; it is just beginning.


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