Jesus and The Empowering Influence of Friendship: Why Gracious Living is More Important Than Right Belief John W H Smith Author
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Jesus & The Empowering Influence of Friendship explores the values of the historical sage Jesus of Nazareth, considering not only the words and actions of the historical Jesus but examining the values of compassion and acceptance shown in the relationships with the people he meets.Reflecting on contemporary biblical scholarship, including the discovery of ancient texts from the Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi, the John W H Smith also critiques the traditional 'orthodox' Christianity and asks if the practical application of Jesus' values have been reflected in the creeds, councils an historic documents of the Churches.In addition, the author shows how traditional 'orthodox' teachings can be challenged and changed through the transforming influence of friendship discovered in the life and teaching of the sage Jesus of Nazareth.


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