Take It From A Teenager: A New Look at Life Through the Eyes of a Teen Scott Bradbrook Author
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Every teenager is the same, right? They’ve got their faces glued to their phones, earphones in, and stuck in a sea of social media. They’re moody, lazy, and overly concerned with the latest trends. Take It From A Teenager is THE self-help book for teens and adults who want to get a better grip on their lives. Full of insight into the world beyond his years, author and editor, Scott Bradbrook, provides 20 chapters into life-changing concepts that range from finding and pursuing your passion, to time management and peer pressure. But what could a teenager possibly teach me that I don’t already know? Inside this book, you will learn about many lessons from the perspective of a teen, including the importance of respect and individuality, positive self-talk, personal worth, time management, and more. "Although we might never see the full impact of our words in our lifetime, the world deserves to hear what you have to say.” Full of simple steps to improve your life and various anecdotes to help you along the way, unlock the secret to a better life through the words of a simple teenager. Are you ready to turn the rest of your life into the best of your life?


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