Quantum Health: My Journey from Lyme, Cancer and Chronic Illness to a Beautiful New Life Dianne Ellis Author
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Within each of us is a powerful force capable of transforming our life. Follow Dianne Ellis through the adventures and profound healing experiences of her life; adoption and death, homebirth in the forest, a crazed gunman, surfing adventures with shark attacks and coaching her daughter to an Australian title. Seriously ill, with only a diagnoses of anxiety, Di is forced to revisit the traumas of her childhood and discovers powerful mind/body healing techniques. In her desperate bid to regain health she is drawn into the underworld of alternative healing. Here she finds home remedies and medical breakthroughs that save her life. When she experiences Genome Healing her whole life is transformed. The door to a beautiful, parallel world filled with health and new love is unlocked. Learn how to listen to your body, transform hurt and grief, and activate your body's own self-healing mechanisms. Recreate a life that you desire, filled with optimum health and happiness.


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