Quit Stressing About Food!: Practical steps to simplify healthy eating for the whole family Dannielle Illingworth Author
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 I’ve written this book for all the busy mums who feel completely overwhelmed when it comes to their health.  After working with literally hundreds of clients, I heard the same things over and over again:“I don’t know if I’m eating the right foods”“I know what to do, I just can’t stick to it long-term”“I can’t get rid of my cravings”“I’m sick of eating the same thing every night because the kids won’t eat anything else”“I feel guilty when I do things for myself, I feel like I should be spending that time with my family”“I’m doing all the right things and my weight just won’t budge”If any of those comments sound familiar - then this book was written for you.As the title suggests, this book is all about helping you let go of the stress and pressure that so often surrounds healthy eating.  This isn’t a diet book, or a fad program - it’s designed to help you save time, money and stress when it comes to healthy eating for yourself and your kids.Step by step, we’ll cover things like getting back to basics with your food, and how to make mealtimes simple and stress-free.  We’ll delve into how to let go of perfectionism, stress and overwhelm when it comes to healthy eating. You’ll learn how to control your cravings, overcome emotional eating habits, and how to focus your life on what is really important.Dannielle Illingworth is a naturopath and kinesiologist living in Adelaide, South Australia.  Danni’s approach is super practical and down-to-earth, and she’s passionate about teaching busy mums how simple and stress-free healthy eating can be.  You can find out more at www.dannielleillingworth.com


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