A Tale of Two Honey Possums Felicity Jane Bradshaw Author
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A Tale of Two Honey Possums is a picture story book that appeals to children curious to know what goes on in the Australian bush. It will also appeal to their parents and grand-parents, who will want to read it to them. The Honey possum is a tiny and secretive little marsupial that lives in the Banksia woodland and heath found only in the south-west corner of Western Australia. As a result of many millions of years of evolution in these flower-rich areas, the honey possum has become extremely specialised, so much so that it cannot exist in any other habitat. It is unique, in being the only non-flying mammal in the world to exist exclusively on pollen and nectar. The narrative is told simply and features a year in the lives of the honey possums, covering the biological aspects of diet, growth, pouch life, reproduction and predation. Apart from bringing attention to an endearing little marsupial, a principal focus is the extreme vulnerability of this tiny and little-known animal to the devastating effects of land-clearing and bushfire. The book is illustrated by Patricia Negus who has extensive artistic experience in recording accurately the natural world of the south-west of Western Australia, including wildflowers, fungi, seashells, fish and birds. Her work is highly-regarded, and it is her exquisite painterly approach to native plants that is one of the highlights of this little book. The scientific information in the story is the result of many years of research by the author and Emeritus Professor Don Bradshaw, both in the animal's natural environment and at the Department of Zoology, University of Western Australia. For more information on research carried out on the honey possum, visit www.honeypossum.com.au


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