Intelligence Sharing Between Asymmetrical Allies: The US, Uganda, Sudan, and South Sudan Against the LRA Malual Ayom Dor Author
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Intelligence Sharing Amongst the Unequals is only one of a few books focusing on security and defence studies. It is unique because it is the first ever book which documents and examines intelligence sharing among the US, Uganda, Sudan, and South Sudan against the LRA, and it is written by an insider who served in a senior position in the SPLA at the time. This book will be useful in the fields of intelligence, defence, security, and strategic studies and is fit for use in universities and in military and security academies. It underlines the importance and contribution of intelligence sharing against LRA, a merciless Ugandan rebel movement which has caused havoc in Uganda, South Sudan, DR Congo, and CAR since it started its war against the government of President Museveni in 1986. IntelligenceSharing Amongst the Unequals argues that since the US, Uganda, Sudan, and South Sudan began sharing intelligence, the LRA capacity has been drastically reduced, making it a much more of a theoretical organisation. When the US announced that its special forces would ceaseoperations against the LRA on 26 April 2017, the UPDF also announced that it would withdraw. Subsequently, South Sudan announced that it would not continue with LRA operations without the support of US and Ugandan forces. This clearly indicates that once the stronger partner leaves, a significant gap is created. Finally, the book argues that unless an intelligence sharing agreement is resumed against the LRA, the chance of the LRA resurfacing can never be ruledout.


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