Saturday Night of the Living Dead by Brad Carter
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It's been one hell of a year for horror movie effects artist Ryan Parker. Taken into custody by a secret government organization, he is forced to recount in detail the last year of his life. As his memory begins to come into focus, he describes the manic months leading up to the mysterious and violent events at the Moonlight Drive-In Theater in Edgewood, Arkansas. Trapped in his hometown by shadowy supernatural forces, Ryan confronts a past he thought he'd left behind. His parents still disapprove of his career and lifestyle. The high school jocks still want to torment him. The women in his life-one of whom is dead-seem determined to complicate matters even further. Then there's the small matter of the vengeful spirits and ancient demonic entities that have chosen Edgewood for their battleground. As Ryan juggles the demands of his profession, his relationships, and the supernatural weirdness developing around him, life begins to resemble the plot of one of the horror movies he loves. Demonic forces are closing in, murderous cultists are preparing for Armageddon, and production deadlines are looming. Can Ryan and his ragtag band of effects artists, scream queens, and ghosts keep the madness at bay long enough for the world premiere of their latest movie?


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