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Did you enjoy the movie called the Bodyguard? Are you a fan of Whitney Houston? If your answer is yes to one or both of those questions then you will enjoy the Lady Blue's Story. The Lady Blue's Story is similar to the movie Bodyguard but it's not a copycat of the movie. This book has some components of the bodyguard. For an example, in the movie the Bodyguard Kevin Costner (a Caucasian Secret Service Agent) is hired to protect Whitney Houston (a music star) from an unknown stalker. The movie also have great songs in it like I have Nothing, I Will Always Love you and many other songs from Whitney Houston. The Lady Blue's story a novel that is very touching, filled with love, action, drama, gangsters, and violence. In the story, the main characters are the famous African American celebrity/singer Lyric (stage named the Lady Blue aka Jazzy) and the bodyguard Demetrius (the handsome Caucasian detective). Lyric is a highly successful, famous, celebrity pop & R & B singer with the voice of an angel who sings at a lounge club every night. Lyric's mother is very concerned about her and hires an detective (Demetrius) to find her daughter Lyric and bring her back home safely. Only one problem! Lyric isn't interested in going with him. After convincing her to come with him, she discovers that Demetrius has a dark past and is running from the most powerful gangsters in the city of Detroit. What is the dark past that Demetrius has? Why are those gangsters chasing him? Will Demetrius bring the Lady Blue a.k.a Lyric home safe and sound or will Ryno get a hold of her? Purchase and read the book to find out.


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